The Duʿāʾ of the Prophet ‎


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Salām ʿalaykum. We warmly welcome you to our Online devotional program, “LIVING WITH PRESENCE | The Duʿāʾ of the Prophet .” Your presence among us is an invaluable blessing and we look forward to hosting you all from the comfort of your own homes. Please use this document as a reference for all the links and resources you will need to gain full access to our program. The details below are private and must not be shared with anyone who has not registered for the program. Please read carefully, as the answers to frequently asked questions are herein provided.

  1. Join our WhatsApp group via THIS LINK in order to receive important notifications before and during the program, including potential modifications to the program schedule. This will be our primary mode of communication as opposed to email.
  2. Our live sessions are available through Zoom via THIS LINK, and the password is “presence.”
  3. All sessions will be uploaded and accessible for later viewing on Lanturna’s YouTube channel via THIS LINK.
  4. Be sure to download and print the course booklet, which will be uploaded to this page by Thursday, October 22.