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Salām ʿalaykum. We warmly welcome you to our online program, “THE HEART OF REPENTANCE | Turning before Returning.” Your presence among us is an invaluable blessing and we look forward to hosting you all from the comfort of your own homes. Please use this document as a reference for all the links and resources you will need to gain full access to our program. The details below are private and must not be shared with anyone who has not registered for the program. Please read carefully, as the answers to frequently asked questions are herein provided.

  1. Join our WhatsApp group via THIS LINK in order to receive important notifications before and during the program, including potential modifications to the program schedule. This will be our primary mode of communication as opposed to email.
  2. Our live sessions are available through Zoom via THIS LINK, and the password is “repentance.”
  3. All sessions will be uploaded and accessible for later viewing on Lanturna’s YouTube channel via THIS LINK.


Be sure to download “Prophetic Prayers” (al-Rātib al-Shahīr) for our Friday and Saturday evening sessions.

When selecting the book for this retreat, it was our desire that students experience al-Ghazzālī’s discussion on repentance in his own voice. However, the book that we recommended not only misrepresents its author as a translation, but it includes dubious content that is not even sourced in Imām al-Ghazzālī’s discourse on the subject. The translation is unreliable and its incoherent presentation betrays the elegance and beauty of the original. We accept full responsibility for this oversight, for we had assumed that the book was a faithful translation of the section on repentance in the Imām’s magnum opus Iḥyāʾ ʿUlūm al-Dīn. Therefore, we have issued a full refund to everyone who has ordered the book, and recommend that you discard the book for its unreliability and for its numerous problematic passages that are nowhere to be found in Imām al-Ghazzālī’s original Book of Repentance. You should see the refund on your credit card statements within 5-10 business days in shāʾ Allāh.
The book that will be used for this course is M.S. Stern’s translation of the Book of Repentance and it is available for download below. You may read along with us if you like and are encouraged to refer to it after the retreat as a reference.