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Welcome to Lanturna’s inaugural ʿumrah. We are immensely grateful to Allah for your attendance and are honored to serve you as the guests of Allah on this momentous and transformative migration to Allah and His Messenger .

ʿUmrah is an invitation to migrate to Allah and His Beloved via the sacred lands that hosted the Message and the Messenger by treading the path of our Prophet through some of the pivotal milestones of his life. By committing to the places wherein he walked, spoke, served, smiled, laughed, wept, ate, drank, slept, sat, proclaimed, recited, persevered, prayed, fought, and died, the memory of him will become an active presence in our lives. The details of the sīrah that have for so long remained as printed words on a page will begin to crystallize in our imaginations as we stand in the blest places that bear testimony. How we return from such a journey will determine whether the trip was a true migration or merely spiritual tourism. Ibn ʿAṭāʾ Allāh al-Sakandarī once aphorized, مِنْ عَلاماتِ النُّجْحِ في النِّهاياتِ الرُّجوعُ إِلى اللهِ في الْبِداياتِ “Among the indications of providence in the outcomes is returning to Allah at the outsets.” Therefore, before one can migrate to Allah and His Messenger , he must first return to Allah and His Messenger .

When traveling to Muslim lands, we realize that we tread hallowed ground, and so we tread lightly. Though we are visitors, we seek to experience these lands through the eyes of the locals, and not as mere tourists. We forsake luxury, but settle on comfort. We support local businesses and local artisans, especially under the global onslaught of Western multinational corporations. We also pull resources to support one local nonprofit initiative whenever abroad in gratitude for all that we receive. Our hotel selections reflect this ethic, and so we will be staying in 4-star accommodations that are comfortable as opposed to extravagant and glamorous 5-star hotels so as to remind ourselves of the trials that afflicted the blessed life of our noble Prophet  and his family and companions.

This page will be regularly updated, so be sure to return to it before and throughout our journey. Please read through its contents carefully, as the answers to frequently asked questions are herein included. Logistical questions may be sent to [email protected].