We are honored to serve you on our inaugural ʿumrah trip and grateful to have been able to facilitate your participation as a guest of Allah and His Messenger .

By providing your credit card information, you hereby authorize Lanturna to charge your card monthly beginning November 1, 2023 in accordance with your payment plan. Provide the total amount of your payment plan and the total monthly amount for us to charge your credit card for all persons in your party including yourself. If there are two members in your party who intend to pay a total of $3000 in installments of $500/month, for example, then indicate:

1. $3000 as the total amount of the payment plan for both of you;

2. $1000 as the total amount to charge per month for both of you ($500 x 2 = $1000).

You also understand that it is your responsibility to inform Lanturna in writing to make changes to your method of payment via bookkeeping@lanturna.com.

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